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4 Steps to a Magazine Worthy Bedroom

Magazine worthy bedrooms. There’s a reason we love them.  A bedroom should be a retreat away from the busyness of life. A place of rest. And stylists have this incredible way of making an ‘unmade’ bed look luxe, inviting and comfortable all at once.

The problem arises when we attempt this look at home – and it turns out looking less than ordinary. Well, we’ve decided the tricks of the trade belong with you! (2019 Bedding Revolution, here we come!) and what better time than Spring to give your bedroom a luxe-comfort overhaul.

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Step 1   What Lies Beneath Matters

A luxurious bedroom starts with a comfortable mattress. If you’re not quite ready to replace your mattress, mattress toppers are an affordable solution to that comfort you need for a good night’s sleep. They also help contribute to that overall plush look synonymous with a magazine worthy bedroom.

Mattress and Pillow Protectors are a must all year round, but particularly as our weather warms up. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, breathable and thermal regulating – so is the perfect material for your protectors in the warmer months.

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Step 2   Invest in Quality Sheets – they’re the hug you didn’t know you needed! 

They not only feel great, but they last beyond a season and are an affordable way to add that luxury look to the bedroom.

Have fun with colour and pattern. Pair a bold patterned sheet set with a plain coverlet for a playful contrast.

Love florals? Highlight one of the less dominant colours in your floral quilt cover by choosing a sheet set in complementary tones.

And if you’re not a fan of ironing, you are in great company! Try these Stone Wash Linen Sheets to achieve that ‘unmade’ bed look that stylists achieve – without looking like a throwback to your unkempt teen years.

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Step 3   The Right Bed Covers

It’s time to roll away the heavy feather duvet and embrace the Spring coverlet.  This lighter counterpart to a duvet is cooler in the warmer weather but is still heavy enough for those who love being snuggled under a blanket.

For neutral lovers, embrace a textured coverlet or quilt cover to add a subtle sense of luxury to your bedding.

If you really want to finish off that luxury look, buy a size up in your coverlet or quilt – allowing the edge of your bedding to touch the floor.

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Step 4   Layers and Textures!

Finally, the ultimate way to achieve that magazine worthy bedroom is layers and textures!


Here are a few ideas on how you can use a great throw:

  • A light throw is the perfect addition to your Spring bedding. Casually drape it on the end of your bed, not too neat, to achieve that luxe-comfort look.
  • Add interest to a plain knit throw with tassels.
  • For a casual luxe look, try this 100% cotton throw with raw edging.
  • Bring a subtle sense of playfulness to your room with a pom pom throw.

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You either love them or hate them, but cushions are here to stay. For the luxe-comfort look, mix and match cushions in similar tones, steer clear of symmetry and aim for odd numbers for the perfect vignette. Whether its velvets or linens, textured or plain fabric – a feather fill makes for a plump cushion.

And there you have it. Your very own magazine worthy bedroom. And we’d love to see it! Post a photo on our socials for a chance for us to share out on our Instagram page.


Contributor: Kirsty Emery is founder of focusing on interiors, DIY, food and family.

You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook for tips to make your house a home.

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