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Colour Palette – Choosing The Right Colour For The Right Season

We all are aware that colours play a significant role in our lives. Colours have the ability and power to impact our thinking, express ourselves and prompt us to take action.

Colours are a powerful form of communication and they are an irreplaceable phenomenon.

They can cause a soothing effect and irritate us as well. There are moments when they can increase or decrease our appetite. On the other hand, when they are employed in the right fashion – colours can create a positive and pleasant environment.

In a similar way – colours create an impact when it comes to decorating your interiors. Whether it is your home or business – you can make your interiors stand out – when you choose to bring out your inner creativity and style through the medium of colours.

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To complement your interiors – right colour palette for the right seasons

Spring: September to November

The beautiful season of spring or springtime conveys pleasant ideas such as: rejuvenation, rebirth, renewal and resurrection. Therefore, you need to select colours that convey a feeling of calmness and peace – paired along with hues that are playful and equally bold.

The spring colours mentioned below will transport any individual – invoking emotions like tranquillity, encouraging you to relax – and further inspiring you to exploration and inquisitiveness.

The popular colours for your spring interior decoration include:

  • Rose Quartz;
  • Peach Echo;
  • Serenity;
  • Snorkel Blue;
  • Buttercup;
  • Limpet Shell;
  • Lilac Gray;
  • Fiesta;
  • Iced Coffee;
  • and Green Flash.

Summer: December to February

Summer season is a brilliant time for you to come out with fresh and exciting colours for your home. By taking your time and exploring the top shades for summer – and when you learn how to employ each and every hue for maximum impact – you will be creating a rich, colourful and amazing ambience for your living space. It is certain that every summer you will be having plenty of guests over!

Here are the hot and trending colours for your summer interiors:

Cobalt Blue, Exotic Orange, Sunny Yellow, Soft Gray, Sky Blue, Candy Apple Red, Crisp White, Seaworthy Coral, Neon Yellow, Refreshing Lime, Water’s Edge Blue, Tropical Pink, Brilliant Magenta, Nail Polish Red, Nature-Inspired Neutrals, Cheery Chartreuse, Kelly Green, Nautical Navy and Flirty Pink.

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Fall: March to May

Get inspired by this beautiful season of the year. Choose your colours wisely and combine it with your creativity – to create a magical atmosphere for both your residential or commercial space.

Fall is the perfect time for you to switch to cosy, warm and rich colours. You can make great additions to a soft and neutral colour palette of your interiors – by adding fall-inspired refreshing colours – that include hues of copper, wine and orange.

If you are seeking a change that will keep you or your guests captivated this coming fall – opt for the colours that are going to be mentioned ahead. From gorgeous hues like golden yellow and burnt orange to lipstick red and chocolate brown – your home or office interiors will give out a great sense of charm, elegance and sophistication.

Winter: June to August

Your stylish winter interiors will include bold blacks, whites, cool colours and jewel tones.

It does not have to be about dull or sad colours. Winter interiors can still borrow the colour tones from the other seasons, in order to create a timeless style. Warm up your atmosphere – where you can combine beautiful clean tones, natural elements, and stunning metals. Along with dark blues, rich greens and voluptuous burgundy – you can have an amazing and cosy ambience that portrays high style and sophistication.

During winter, pick the colours that return to the basics. Select the hues that are derived from natural elements which will contrast and complement your entire interior space. Furthermore, you can add more to the atmosphere like large comfortable pillows and warm looking rugs. Absolutely classic!

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From spring and summer to fall and winter, at Koala Living, you will discover top quality products – that will add an element of elegance, sophistication and style to your interiors.

If you have any queries regarding our wide range of luxurious furniture and décor, and how we can help you achieve that perfect look for your home or office – contact Koala Living at our Homemaker Centre today.


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