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Teenage Bedrooms: Cool ideas

Teenage Bedrooms, by Kylie Tyrell, Gold Chalk Styling

Your teenagers bedroom may be among the hardest rooms in the house to style. Often teens have a mind of their own, know what they want and certainly what they don’t want!!!

Here are some of my tips for surviving the years and making sure your teen loves their space.

Have Fun

It doesn’t have to be all serious, once you invest in the staples, have some fun with art and colour.


Pic credit @Rachelcastleandthings





Give them Privacy

If the space is large enough, give them some room for reading, having mates over and just chilling. Their bedrooms are their caves, try to provide ample relaxing space.


Invest in some quality bed linen

The good stuff – that will see them through the years. I love the block linen colours from Adairs. You can keep them minimal or dress them up with a colour throw or cushion. Here are some of my favs!


Pic credit @Adairs




Display their hobbies/ cool collections

If they are into surfing, basketball, netball or hip hop dancebug, let them show it off.

Hang this ballet shoes from the door handle or hang that Michael Jordan poster! Whatever it is, show it off.


Try to add a work space to the room.

This will help them feel independent and hopefully boost productivity.


Pic credit @Pinterest






Lastly, ┬álet them have a say in the design and colours of their room. It’s the perfect way to let them express themselves during those difficult year’s when they are struggling to work out their own identity.


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